Сопоставление Past Participle Passive

Сопоставление Past Participle Passive (Participle II) и Past Indefinite Active глаголов, у которых эти формы совпадают (типа invited, sent, made и др.)

1В простом предложении глагольная форма, совпадающая с Participle II или Past Indefinite Active, является причастием в функции определения при наличии личной формы глагола:

The researchers invited to our plant are Moscow University graduates. - Исследователи, приглашенные на наш завод, – выпускники Московского университета.

2Если после глагольной формы, которая может быть или Participle II или Past Indefinite Active, стоит предлог by, то эта глагольная форма всегда – причастие:

The research work carried out by this young scientist is very important for our project. - Работа, выполненная этим молодым ученым, очень важна для нашего проекта.

3Если в предложении рядом стоят две глагольные формы, каждая из которых может быть или Participle II или Past Indefinite Active, то первая из них, стоящая сразу после определяемого слова, – Participle II, а вторая – Past Indefinite Active:

The substance obtained contained some admixtures. - Полученное вещество содержало примеси.


Упражнение 26. Проанализируйте следующие предложения: найдите в них подлежащее и сказуемое. Выделите группу определения с Participle II. Укажите, по каким признакам вы определили Participle II. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
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  1. The method proposed by this scientist was discussed at the meeting.
  2. The data referred to in this paper showed that our conclusions were correct.
  3. Our attention will be focused on comparative methods applied by different sciences.
  4. The technique employed used a single probe (зонд).
  5. The complexity of the technique involved increased considerably.
  6. Every body located on earth is pulled down wards by the earth.
  7. The nucleus formed by the emission of the gamma-ray may be unstable.
  8. The temperature of the liquid obtained remained constant.
  9. All the isotopes now produced by reactors can also be made in a cyclotron.
  10. The pressure just calculated is surface pressure.

Упражнение 27. Найдите предложения с Past Participle Passive, определите его функцию и переведите предложения на русский язык.
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  1. He checked all the compositions two days ago.
  2. When checked by the teacher, the compositions were handed out to the students.
  3. He has checked all the papers written by the students.
  4. We ordered new magazines yesterday.
  5. The engines ordered at the plant will be delivered in a few days.
  6. When completed, the project was discussed in detail.
  7. The completed project was a great success.
  8. We completed our project the other day.
  9. Spoken words are often more powerful than written ones.
  10. I have spoken to him more than once, but he hasn’t given any answer.
  11. Though boiled, the water was unsuitable for drinking.
  12. When freshly prepared this substance is colourless.
  13. He has prepared everything we need for the experiment.
  14. Unless otherwise stated we shall analyse only solutions in liquids.
  15. The articles referred to above deal with alkali metals.