Перевод инфинитива на русский язык

Инфинитив это неличная форма глагола, которая обозначает действие

Перевод инфинитива в составе сложного подлежащего на русский язык. При переводе инфинитива следует помнить, что:

  1. форма Indefinite Infinitive выражает действие, одновременное или будущее по отношению к действию глагола-сказуемого;
  2. форма Continuous Infinitive выражает действие, одновременное с действием глагола сказуемого;
  3. форма Perfect Infinitive выражает действие, предшествующее действию глагола-сказуемого;
  4. форма Perfect Continuous Infinitive выражает длительное действие, предшествующее действию глагола-сказуемого.

Глагол-сказуемое может стоять при этом в любой временной форме.

He is said to play golf well. - Говорят, что он хорошо играет в гольф.

He was said to play golf well. - Говорили, что он хорошо играет в гольф.

He is expected to play golf tomorrow. - Ожидают, что он будет играть в гольф завтра

He is said to be playing golf now. - Говорят, он сейчас играет в гольф.

He is said to have played golf well in his youth. - Говорят, что в молодости он хорошо играл в гольф.

He was said to have played golf well in his youth. - Говорили, что в молодости он хорошо играл в гольф.

He is said to have been playing golf since he was 17. - Говорят, что он играет в гольф с 17 лет.


Упражнение 14. Переведите следующие предложения
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  1. He is known to be a great book-lover.
  2. The members of the committee are expected to come to an agreement.
  3. Many buildings were reported to have been damaged by the fire.
  4. The experiment is believed to be а failure.
  5. She seems to know the subject well.
  6. He happened to be at home at that time.
  7. There seem to be no changes in the trade relations between these two countries.
  8. There proved to be many difficulties in solving the matter.
  9. There happened to be many people there at that time.
  10. The ship can be expected to arrive at the end of the week.
  11. The weather can’t be expected to change tomorrow.
  12. There seem to be no objections to their proposal.
  13. There happened to be a surgeon among them.
  14. He doesn’t seem to know this subject.
  15. She seems not to know him.
  16. He is not likely to come today.
  17. They are unlikely to complete the work in time.
  18. He is sure not to be asked about it.
  19. The prices are certain to fall soon.
  20. She is ceratin not to do it.

Упражнение 15. Переведите предложения.
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  1. The radius of our orbit is believed to be increasing very slowly.
  2. There appears to be direct evidence of the existence of negative electrons in matter.
  3. Ordinary objects are not likely to move with a velocity approaching the velocity of light.
  4. Secondary radiation may be expected to rise when the primary radiations are observed.
  5. Light is to be considered as some kind of wave motion of electromagnetic origin.
  6. In liquids and and solids the movement of molecules must be supposed to be more restricted.
  7. At first the alpha-rays were thought to be undeviated by the magnetic fields.